what is a solo ad
So what is a solo ad, and why should I
be using it as one of my core advertising

solo ad advertising

In a nutshell, a “Solo Ad” is an advertisement in the form

of an email that you send out to someone elses email list.

This is especially great for those of you who haven’t built

your own email list yet, and still works great for those

no matter what size their list is.


Basically, when you send out your email ad to another

persons list, some of their subscribers will open the

email, and then click the link you provided in your

email ad leading them to your landing page.


Most people who offer Solo Ads for sale will guaruntee

that you will receive a certain number of clicks or your

ad is free.


So if you have a good converting landing page, say 35%,

and you purchase 100 clicks, you have a good chance

of getting 35 new leads in your own email list.


Now who wouldn’t be stoked about that?


With just a simple little email, a little bit of money,

and almost no work at all, you just got 35 leads.


Now imagine sending one of those out each



..that’s 35 leads PER DAY added to your list, not to

mention how many sales you could get out of that

if your frontend offer and marketing funnel are good.

(That’s a discussion for another time..hah)


The possiblities are endless my friend.


The great thing about Solo Ad Advertising,

is that it’s Targeted Advertising…


…this means you are only getting people on your list

that are already interested in what you’re offering

Targeted Advertising means Results!


I would much rather spend the usual $.40 to $1.00

per lead with Solo Ad Avertising, which gets you less

quantity but good quality leads who are looking to buy

something, then spend $0.10 – $0.25 per lead for a lot

of leads who are NOT targeted and either only want

free stuff or don’t even give you their real email or

just want to hassle you.

I’ve advertised with places like that, that will give some

crazy traffic and leads, but they don’t convert….

…it’s Really Painful


Quality is Much Greater than Quantity any day of the week.


There are many Solo Ad sources out there, way to many

to list them here, so if you’d like some more info on

where to find them, let me know in the comments below.


Now that you have a great way to get Targeted leads

through paid advertising, you need a place to send the

leads so you can follow up with them.


Come back here tomorrow and I’ll show you what I use

to follow up with my leads and buyers.

what is a solo ad


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